Wonderland Works is more than “just a job” it is my life and my absolute passion.

Abby Sabel

She Believed She Could, So She Did.


I’m Abby the very proud owner of Wonderland Works. I’m just your average girl of 30. I have a dog called Monty (he’s a Border Collie cross) who I treat like a spoilt child! Together we live with my family in the small town of Bewdley in Worcestershire right near the country lanes and Forest. My likes: countryside, nature, wildlife, crisps, music, white chocolate and sweets. My dislikes: spiders!! Bad manners, Harry Hill, dark chocolate, cold feet and having a December birthday!

Wonderland Works.

My lovely little business began in 2015 when I was struggling to find happiness in a job. After always being creative (usually digitally as I was always on my laptop) I decided to take the biggest risk of my life. I quit my job and began selling personalised WordArt cards. This then grew into personalised tote bags and framed art. It was at this point where I started to experiment! I started attending craft fairs and try different crafting techniques, this is where my love for decoupage came in. I could combine my love of art and animals and turn the most bland and basic household items into brand new pieces that people will treasure for a lifetime and this idea really does fill me with much joy! I dabble with a lot of various crafts now (decoupage being my main and specialist) such as papercutting, most recently – feather art and just brushing up on my resin art skills.

Wonderland Works is a creative business that provides luxury, country rustic style home decor and gifts.