About Wonderland Works Handmade

Wonderland Works handmade is the business you have become to know and (hopefully!) love. It is the side of the business where I hand decorate various items using decoupage and create unique country style home decor and gifts. I really do adore creating the items I do and if you asked me “which is your favourite to make” once a week, you would get a different answer every time!

As well as decoupage, I also create various pieces of hand paper cut art. Some I frame in various ways and some I add game bird feathers to the back of to give a beautiful country feel.

You will usually find Wonderland Works at countryside shows. We have slightly changed the dynamics of the business and have decided to follow our hearts and just attend countryside shows. This is my passion and my love, as tiring as they are – they are great fun and I tend to meet some lovely people.