Dinky Drunken Wooden Duck



This fantastic Dinky Drunken Duck Bottle Holder is simply gorgeous. It makes the perfect gift for those people that have got “everything”! Great gifts for Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays or even to hold your own beloved bottle of booze.

It is hand carved (NOT by Wonderland Works) from bamboo root and other wood elements, we have added a cute rustic touch of Jute string and raffia tied in a bow, with a small wooden heart hanging slightly around its neck to give each one that country style look.

Each duck will vary in shape and size (very slightly) and have different markings, this is due to them being individually hand carved.
Every duck bottle holder will hold a bottle of Beer, Larger, Cider (as pictured) or a squatty bottle of Gin .

Please note: this item does NOT include a bottle of Beer/Cider/Larger.


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