Fox Family Light Up Bottle



Brand new design to the very popular Fox Family Light Up Bottle. It has been cherished by many people and gifted to lots of loved ones with some with truly lovely stories.

This light up bottle is a stand out ornament in the day but at night is when it really shows it’s magic. When the lights are low and night falls – flick the switch “on” on the cork string light and watch as it comes to life. It’s guaranteed to relax your mind and look knock out all at the same time – it is a certain talking point.

Each one is made using recycled bottles from local pubs and bars – reducing waste. I then paint each bottle white and apply this beautifully illustrated watercolour fox family using my own special decoupage technique which is then sealed and varnished to protect from dust and the everyday life of your homes. To finish, i have added natural jute string to the top – wrapping the jute from the top of the neck to above the design and then underneath the design and to the bottom – giving it a rustic look.

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