Unusual Boxing Hare Pheasant Feather Framed Artwork


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An unusual framed piece of art made using natural pheasant feathers. This boxing hare framed artwork is a perfect gift for those who love all things countryside and will look perfect in a country cottage home.

We know spring is here when we see the mad March hares arrive back in the fields and countryside so I thought we could have a piece of spring and nature in our homes in the form of this Boxing Hares Pheasant Feather Framed Art.

It is made using natural pheasant feathers that have been delicately washed. I firstly cut out the silhouettes of these boxing hares – by hand – using a very shape blade. Once cut, I will arrange the feathers in a way that matches the image. Once I’m happy I will place it all together in a lovely box frame that measures 23 x 23cm.

To get the best out of this piece – hang where it can catch the light, this will then bring out all the beautiful colours of the various feathers.

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